Feature Walters

Feature Walters

Feature Walters is a company within the Walters Group that provides services to the commercial and residential sectors. We work with progressive architects and engineers to create the unique elements that define leading-edge architecture. We are often the last contractor on a building site, creating and installing features that put the final architectural flourish on a signature construction.

Feature Walters has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a large architectural detailing department, and installation services across North America. This allows us to complete projects ranging from public art to floating staircases to modular pre-fabricated five-star washroom facilities.

We combine High Definition Building Information Modeling (HDBIM), with old-school craftsmanship and digital pre-fabrication to deliver precise, innovative work with reduced field fitting and faster completion. Classically trained sculptors work alongside 3D modelers, moving projects from design to reality with pinpoint accuracy while staying true to the architect’s intent.

We are also a one-stop shop, which matters for the challenging projects we take on. It’s fine for a simple feature to rely on ornamental wood from one supplier, metal from another and glass from another. But when the geometry gets complicated and installations get elaborate, we can be sure that every component will fit together seamlessly.

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