Values in Action

Our ViA program was created to support and encourage our employees to go above and beyond their work duties to become involved in charities and organizations that matter deeply to them. ViA also encourages team building activities and inter-department events to develop our team’s working relationships and build our culture.

Our company culture and the environment this unique culture inspires amongst our employees is very important to us at Walters. Our ViA Program does a great job of bringing our core values and culture as an organization to life through these events and activities.

United Way
CityKidz Youth Christmas Party
United Way Dodge for A Cause
Haiti Welding School
Heart & Stroke Foundation Big Bike
No Fixed Address
United Way Firefighter for a Day
Wesley Knapsacks
WWF CN Tower Stair Climb

In 2019, we launched our Walters Family Scholarship Program under the Values in Action umbrella as another internal initiative for our employees. Every eligible child of a Walters employee who enrolls in and attends their first year at a post-secondary institution will receive scholarships towards college or university.