Simply Precise.

Walters Group is the exclusive Canadian manufacturer of the VECTORMINIMA METALOQ modular kit frame as a key partner in supporting the volumetric modular industry.

METALOQ is the first invention of VECTORMINIMA. METALOQ is a patent pending, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) module framing system. The pre-engineered “frame kit” components are produced by a steel fabricator and shipped on pallets to modular builders. METALOQ frames are simple to assemble, without the need for specialized trades, achieving the precise tolerances required for stackable 4-10+ storey non-combustible buildings.


Blair Davies
Chief Operating Officer

T(647) 923-8967


  • Offers Modular Builders a turnkey business solution that supports expansion with minimal investment.
  • Offers developers, both public and private, an alternative delivery method built upon accountability and collaboration.
  • Offers architects a balance between creativity and efficiency.