iSPAN Systems

Walters Group has a partnership with iSPAN that allows us to provide light-gauge steel floor solutions to our clients, particularly in the multi-residential sector. iSPAN’s systems offer a unique design that provides longer spans, increased fire resistance, and simpler framing solutions than standard-Engineered wood or C-Shape cold formed steel joists. iSPAN’s TOTAL FRAMING system provides a complete non-combustible structure for multi-residential construction.

iSPANTotal Joist and TOTAL FRAMING come pre-cut to length with pre-punched serviced holes and unique adjustable end connectors that allow for tolerance in the field. Their proprietary design allows them to be handled and installed similarly to Engineered Wood, but they have the superior product features of steel, making them the most accommodating framing components in the industry. iSPAN offers efficient, advanced 3D modeling to provide visual solutions for clients and to solve complex building challenges.