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iSPAN Receives ICC-ES Report

July 03, 2017
iSPAN Systems is excited to announce that Composite TotalJoist, our flagship product, has received an evaluation report (ESR-3787) from ICC-ES. ICC-ES is the United States’ leading evaluation service for innovative… Read more »

Maranatha Gardens in Full Bloom

May 24, 2017
Walters Group partner iSPAN began delivery on Maranatha Gardens, a 148-unit retirement apartment building in the heart of Burlington, ON. This six storey project commenced mid-February and is currently ahead… Read more »

The Total Joys of TotalJoist

October 05, 2016
Imagine a beam just 8 inches thick, and 24 feet long. Would you expect it to bend, bounce, or even break? Many materials fabricated into those proportions might do just… Read more »

Stay-In-Place Steel Formwork

September 24, 2015
At 24 Mercer Street in Toronto, Walters Group is working on a “sliver loft building” rising up 17 storeys from a tiny footprint in a heavily built-up part of town.… Read more »

Light Steel Frames Provide Significant Technology Improvements

March 24, 2015
iSPAN made substantial research and development investments towards UL/UC improvements in 2014 resulting in significant technical improvements. These improvements provide iSPAN with composite floor joists that are easier to install;… Read more »
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