Display for small wonders offers huge happiness

Walters Group is proud to have been chosen to produce the display case that will house a marvelous model railroad town in the new indoor park at the McMaster Health Sciences Centre.

Until recently, the model trains ran past scaled-down buildings, mountains, lakes and trees in the basement of their creator, former Hamilton lawyer David Lee. Built at a scale of 1/87, the trains run through a village of more than 1,000 people, with shops, warehouses, businesses and much more.

Lee, now in his 80s, spent decades meticulously building this world, creating beach scenes, a wedding, a rooftop party, greenery and rockery, and much, much more.

Now his lifetime labour of love will offer a timely emotional lift to thousands of boys and girls (not to mention adults) who visit the Health Sciences Centre for medical treatment.

The display case that meanders along the entire back wall of the indoor park includes many of the materials and details familiar to the Feature Walters team, but on a somewhat more delicate scale; modular steel framing, stainless trim, glass doors and a continuous, sage green, Corian skirt.

Feature Walters, best known for monumental features designed to impress and inspire, will be applying their customary skill and attention to detail on this discreet and unassuming enclosure; allowing the tiny world contained within to work its magic on guests of the hospital.

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