Iron and Steel Coming Together

February 3, 2017

Metropolitan Walters is a strong supporter of Ironbound USA, an organization that makes a meaningful difference in many high school students’ lives by better preparing them for 21st Century jobs.

One of Ironbound’s initiatives and programs is the Ironbound Boxing Academy, which is under the Ironbound USA umbrella. For those who take advantage of this facility and its offerings, the Academy uses boxing as a vehicle to help build better people.

When the team at Metropolitan Walters (MW) learned of the need for an additional boxing structure, they took the opportunity as a team-based charity initiative to supply materials and facilitate the architecture and design planning, on a pro bono basis. Employee volunteers from MW came together to help with fabrication, and the installation and erection of the steel. They successfully built a hanging bag structure for the patrons who come to train and box. This structure can be seen in more detail here.

This Saturday February 4th, Ironbound Boxing Academy is hosting an Open House at their repurposed Boxing Academy and soon to be educational facility. This repurposed space was formerly the inside of an abandoned football stadium in Newark, New Jersey!

“This facility is a big deal in the Newark community” Gary Bloore, Founder and CEO of Ironbound USA, stated. “Our focus is to help make inner city’s youth more prepared for the demands of the workforce today. Our mission is simple: ‘Build your skills. Build your brand. Build your future.’ and Metropolitan Walters has helped us with this mission.”

To learn more about Ironbound USA, and how they improve their community at large, please visit their website

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