Manhattan on a Pedestal

At Walters, we place all of our projects on pedestals of importance. This week, it was more than fitting that The New York Times highlighted our Manhattan West’s Northeast Tower project, which is literally on a pedestal (a steel one of course), with many accolades and sentiment of wonder.

As of yesterday, Phase Two of the Manhattan West Northeast Tower is now underway with 350 tons of steel being fabricated in our shop at Walters.

Phase One, which consists of 5,800 tons of steel, is one-third of the entire weight of this tower. Phase Two of the building includes Levels 7-71 which equates to approximately 12,000 tons of steel. Erection of Levels 7-71 is targeted to commence in Spring on May 1, 2017 and will bring the height of the Northeast tower to 985 feet tall.

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