Maranatha Gardens in Full Bloom

Walters Group partner iSPAN began delivery on Maranatha Gardens, a 148-unit retirement apartment building in the heart of Burlington, ON. This six storey project commenced mid-February and is currently ahead of schedule after the winter start. The framing crew has been picking up steam and is now turning a floor around every two weeks. When everything is said and done, approximately 112,000 square feet of retirement home will be completed in just four months thanks to the inherent benefits of the Total Joists.

iSPAN has introduced its new integrated brick shelf support bracket on this project which allows for a cost-effective brick façade. It comes pre-installed on the panel so a mason can place his angle and bracket quickly and easily. The monolithic cast in place slab on Composite Total Joist makes this achievable. The finished product will include thermally broken concrete balconies and terraces making for an excellent living space.

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