Mohawk College Future Ready Premier Employer

Mohawk College has joined forces with 10 leading employers in the Hamilton Region to create a new premium employer program. We are honoured to be one of Mohawk’s 10 selected employers.

The program is designed to more actively engage industry and community partners in the training of job-ready college graduates. Being part of the program gives Walters such benefits as greater access to talent, customized training and development solutions for Mohawk graduate hires.

Recently, some of our Mohawk graduates participated in the marketing campaign led and organized by Mohawk with the purpose to highlight the strong long-standing partnership between Walters and Mohawk College.

At Walters Group, Mohawk College graduates occupy positions in welding and fitting, project design, project management for installations around the world and operations and logistics that keep materials moving through the system and to the customer.

With Mohawk alumni employed in all aspects of Walters’ operations and with Walters active at all levels of engagement at Mohawk, this successful partnership ensures the college, the company and the community all grow together.

Mohawk College created a video which highlights the Walters’ candidates and their experience. Our team provided some amazing stories.

To learn more about Mohawk’s Future Ready Premium Employer Program click HERE.

Mohawk college future-ready premier employer

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