Princeton’s Open House

This past Saturday, Walters hosted an Open House and a Career Fair at our Princeton, ON plant. This Open House was a wonderful opportunity for job applicants to learn more about the roles that are currently available at this location.

Approximately 200 people showed up during the four hour event. To accommodate the crowds and provide each attendee quality time with our staff, a total of 15 Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents from Walters were on hand to offer plant tours. HR was also on-site to assist with job applications. Many skilled labourers showed interest in the welding, material handling, load building, fitting, and industrial painting positions.

We were thoroughly pleased to have had the chance to meet so many enthusiastic and passionate applicants from Princeton, ON and the surrounding communities.

“It’s been difficult to find skilled workers in this area,” Marty Verhey, Human Resources Manager shared. “We were pleasantly overwhelmed with the strong turnout and the interest.”

Check out some of the fun we had at our recruitment event – despite the rain!

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