Project Highlight – Main Building Completion of The Hospital for Special Surgery, Anna-Maria and Stephen Keller Tower

We are pleased to announce the completion of the main building of the Hospital for Special Surgery, The Anna-Maria and Stephen Keller Tower, a significant milestone achieved through the collaboration of Walters Group and AECOM Tishman to bring Ewing Cole’s design to life.

In August 2023, the project began with the erection of three pre-built modules constructed off-site. These modules were transported to New York by barge and installed using a barge crane during a weekend highway closure. Following the installation, various trades continued the vertical build. Metropolitan Walters then erected the tower crane and commenced the main steel erection, progressing through levels 2 and 3.

By October, the tower crane was in place, and steel work from level 4 began in November. The complex logistics included materials delivered via barges, with one-third of the building’s components arriving this way. Additionally, large sloping columns installed in December required extensive welding throughout January. Despite challenges, the erection process ran smoothly.

With the main building structure complete, Metropolitan Walters has now finalized the decking and bolting of the last tier. The pedestrian bridge, slated for installation in fall 2024, will connect the new building to the existing one across the street at the third-floor level. The bridge, fabricated and painted at a Walters Group facility in Princeton ON, will be delivered in two halves and installed over a weekend.

We are proud of the progress achieved through our collaboration with AECOM Tishman, crucial in navigating challenges on-site. We look forward to continuing to contribute to this remarkable project and witnessing it come to life.

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