10 World Trade
Boston, MA

10 World Trade

Located in Boston’s Seaport District, 10 World Trade is a new 555,000 SF, 17 storey life sciences/office development space. In 2018, the Massachusetts Port Authority awarded the development designation to a joint venture consisting of Boston Global Investors (BGI), Bastion Companies, EDGE, and Cogsville Capital Group.

10 World Trade’s iconic design incorporates highly efficient and flexible floorplates with dramatic views of the Boston skyline and harbour. Sitting above a dynamic, double-height lobby that houses food & beverage options and cultural programming, the commercial tenant floors are purpose-built for the region’s best-in-class lab and office spaces. The development also boasts an array of certifications in sustainability, health & wellness, and smart building technologies, providing a future-proof environment for virtually any tenant’s needs.

The multidisciplinary architecture, engineering, and landscape firm Sasaki Associates, Inc. designed 10 World Trade for architectural novelty and resilience with swooping geometric forms. The firm was a key consultant on studies focusing on climate change resiliency in the Seaport District.

This project required an experienced team with a deep understanding of the scope and safety requirements, and Walters is honoured to have been awarded this project.

For more information on 10 world trade, visit 10worldtrade.com

Sasaki: sasaki.com/projects/10-world-trade

Thornton Tomasetti: thorntontomasetti.com


Suffolk Construction
Suffolk Construction / H.J. Russell
Boston Global Investors (BGI)
Structural engineer
Thornton Tomasetti
LEED Certification
Our Role

Walters was responsible for supplying and installing 9,500 tons of structural steel.

Overcoming Challenges

Up to level four, the podium accounts for about 40% of the structure’s weight and comprises a large, complex arch with a network of trusses above. What made the arches and arch trusses complicated was the fact that they were neither vertical nor planar.

Each arch was trial fit in the shop before delivery to minimize any risk of onsite fit-up. This is of particular importance as the entire structure is situated on a ‘postage stamp’ of a site, and when fully erected, it spans overtop the roads surrounding it. There is no room for error.

Logistics was a key focus from the pursuit stage. The team carefully planned every movement of the crawler crane to ensure all assemblies were considered, from unloading to final installation. A few feet on either side would make the difference between being able to pick and place or not.

Only stable when fully erected, the arches required a well-engineered system of customized shoring towers and posts. You may recognize the shoring towers from our installation of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, which had similar complex structure requirements and a significant amount of planning.

10 World Trade is a unique building and required special attention to the geometry, with its ever-changing perimeter extended outward as you move up the building. To add even more complexity, the geometry on all four sides is concaved. Again, careful consideration was given to the perimeter details and design to ensure the edge of slab was maintained throughout the build.

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