550 Washington Street
New York, NY

550 Washington Street

Located in Manhattan, the redevelopment at 550 Washington will create a new commercial office building for Google. Comprising of approximately 1,000,000 sq.ft., a new nine-storey addition was built on top of a renovated existing three-storey podium structure. The original four-storey building was built in 1934.

Led by Dave Steel and Metropolitan Walters, we were responsible for the supply and install of the pre-cast core, structural steel and metal deck for the redevelopment of the existing building and new office atop.

Oxford Properties Group
Dave Steel Company
Adamson Associates Architects
Structural engineer
Construction manager
Turner Construction Company
LEED Certification
Facts & Figures
  • Approximately 7,000 tons of structural steel
  • 654 pre-cast panels installed by Metropolitan Walters
  • Two very large tower cranes were utilized for the pre-cast and steel installation program with each crane capable of lifting 14.5 tons at 275 feet.
  • Structural steel and pre-cast
  • Redevelopment of existing, with new office atop
Our Role

Walters Inc., with Metropolitan Walters, and Dave Steel Company, were responsible for the supply and install of the pre-cast core, structural steel and metal deck.

Overcoming Challenges

550 Washington posed a number of challenges because the installation of new steel within the existing building required multiple surveys to ensure a smooth fit-up operation. An expedited effort was required by all teams to get the tower cranes set up and steel delivered on time to ensure schedules were maintained. Being responsible for both the pre-cast and structural steel installation, Metropolitan Walters were continually managing resources and cranes to ensure the building moved up tier by tier in an efficient manner.

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