Brookfield Place Calgary – Pavilion Structure East Tower
Calgary, AB

Brookfield Place Calgary - Pavilion Structure East Tower

Brookfield place is a landmark office tower in downtown Calgary. A 60-foot-high transparent glass pavilion provides an appealing first impression at ground level as well as the +15 level where pedestrian bridges connecting from the North and the South provide access from adjacent buildings. Forming the primary structure to which the glass will conform, are nine architecturally exposed pipe columns that support 39 unique arches, each spanning 40-feet.

Brookfield Properties
Structural engineer
LEED Certification
Facts & Figures
  • 700 tons of steel.
  • The AESS Pipe columns, shipped from S.Korea, were t1-3/4 inches thick, 24 inches in diameer and 55 feet long.
  • 39 unique arches were paired in frames, each spanning 40+ feet and weighing in excess of 5 tons, to form the dome roof.
  • Floor-level columns were made up of two 4-inch plates; Blanchard ground and welded together to obtain the desired finish.
  • 3000+ threaded holes and studs were accommodated within the roof structure to accommodate the façade. This required extensive set up in the machine shop.
  • Cadmium plated countersunk bolts were used to connect the purlins to the roof arches ensuring seamless continuity in the exposed structure.
Our Role

Working closely with the glazing contractor, Walters’ scope included the detailing, connection design, fabrication and installation of the structural steel and steel decking, the majority of which is Architecturally Exposed. The feature roof was finish coated with a waterborne acrylic enamel in Walters Princeton paint shop requiring additional care and attention when shipping and installing on site.

Overcoming Challenges

The tapering of plate to form a cone atop the AESS pipe columns required extensive grinding to provide a perfect polish on the finished product. The client requested we paint and finish all AESS in Ontario requiring extensive protection of the steel during the long trip out west.

Every plate section for the canopy had custom curves and individually designed glass connectors that had to be precise to within less than a sixteenth of an inch. The arched roofs span 13+ meters with an install tolerance of plus or minus 13 millimeters.

All fasteners and fastener access were hidden, so as not to mar the aesthetics of the Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel.

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