Concord Adex Puente de Luz Pedestrian Bridge
Toronto, ON

Concord Adex Puente de Luz Pedestrian Bridge

Puente de Luz, “Bridge of Light”, links the western portion of Concord CityPlace to Front Street West, Toronto, for bicyclists and pedestrians. The bridge was constructed by Concord Adex as part of the City of Toronto’s requirements for linking the new neighbourhood to the rest of the city. It was designed by Chilean artist Francisco Gazitua.

Structural engineer
P. Sheffield Associates
Facts & Figures
  • The sculptural pedestrian bridge is the largest public art installation in Canada.
  • The name “Puente de Luz,” or “Bridge of Light,” was chosen to signify the link between North and South and the connection between the two countries that came together to build it – Canada and Chile.
  • The bridge’s unique yellow color was chosen to stand out against the grey background of the surrounding area.
Our Role

Walters Inc. role involved fabrication and erection services for the construction of the bridge.

Puente de Luz Toronto, ON M5V
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