Edmonton Arena Winter Garden
Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Downtown Arena, also known as Rogers Place, is located in the centre of the Edmonton Arena District in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Home of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, it is the premier destination for sports and entertainment. This arena has extensive infrastructure to make it the most technologically enabled sport facility in all of North America.

The Winter Garden is open year-round to the public and comprises a total of 33,800 sq. ft., including 24,000 sq. ft. of programmable space which may be used for public or private events.


City of Edmonton
360 Architecture
Structural engineer
Thornton Tomasetti
Construction manager
PCL Construction Management Inc.
Facts & Figures
  • Estimated Tonnage: 1,295 Tons
  • Winter Garden Tonnage: 1,150 MT
  • Heaviest Lift: 41 MT (plate girder)
  • The Winter Garden compromises a total of 33,800 sq. ft., including 24,000 sq. ft. of programmable space which may be used for public or private events.
Our Role

Walters role was to supply material, detail, fabricate, deliver and erect the structural steel for the Winter Garden portion of the arena, which serves as the grand entrance to the arena. Walters also supplied material and fabricated and delivered the structural steel for a portion of the main arena roof.

Overcoming Challenges

The Winter Garden spans over 104 Ave NW, making the erection a significant challenge. Much of the erection was required to take place overnight and Saturdays in order to disrupt downtown Edmonton traffic as minimally as possible. At the start of each shift, sand and crane mats were placed onto the roadway to allow the crawler crane to travel to its working position. Before the end of the shift, all the crane mats and sand were removed from the roadway, and all tools and loose material were removed from the structure so that vehicular traffic could continue to safely travel under the structure the following day.

104 Avenue & 102 Street, Edmonton, AB
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