Eighth Avenue
Calgary, AB

Eighth Avenue

Eighth Avenue Place is a 42 storey landmark commercial tower, including offices, a fitness centre and a conference centre. Located in the heart of downtown, the complex also includes retail, services and several high-end restaurants.

LEED Certification
Facts & Figures
  • 42 storeys
  • 8,000 tonnes of steel
Our Role

Supply and installation of structural steel, simulation and planning to accommodate unusual concrete core, fabrication and installation of steel egress stairs and steel deck.

Overcoming Challenges

In any high-rise, one of the trickiest challenges involves “super-elevation.” Simply put, in multi-storey buildings, steel settles more than concrete under the force of hundreds of thousands of tons of structural material. Normally, resolving this issue is merely a matter of calculating how much higher to build the steel than the concrete, so that the two settle at the same height.

Eighth Avenue Place, though, has a curved, asymmetrical concrete core (known affectionately as “the banana.”) Walters had to simulate and plan a separate asymmetrical structure for the steel framework that would settle perfectly to match this highly unusual shape.

International architectural firm Pickard Chilton applies the principles of sustainable design and environmental stewardship to all their projects. This commitment is most evident in the LEED-Platinum certification of Eighth Avenue. In addition, this architectural intent was specifically designed to reflect the rugged Alberta landscape.

Eighth Avenue Place, Calgary, AB, Canada
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