First Energy Bruce Mansfield Selective Catalytic Reduction Project
Shippingport, PA

First Energy Bruce Mansfield Selective Catalytic Reduction Project

Installed Selective Catalytic Reduction Scrubbers at the Bruce Mansfield coal-fired power plants in Shippingport, Pennsylvania in partnership with the First Energy Corporation and Babcock and Wilcox Construction.

Babcock & Wilcox
Facts & Figures
  • 3,400 tons of steel to support three selective catalytic reduction units
  • Three Selective Catalytic Reduction units were installed. (SCR technology facilitates the environmentally responsible production of electricity)
Our Role

Walters supplied and installed structural and non-structural steel for the power generation plant which was already in operation.

Overcoming Challenges

We had to install structural steel on top of an existing power plant. Ground-based crane access was only available at one end of the plant. We constructed a rail runway along the length of the roof of the existing plant and ran powered carts along these rails.

Bruce Mansfield Power Plant, Ferry Hill Road, Shippingport, Pennsylvania, United States
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