Hospital for Special Surgery, The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Tower
New York, NY

Hospital for Special Surgery, The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Tower

The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is the world’s leading academic medical center dedicated to musculoskeletal health. HSS is investing in new facilities and enhancement to their Upper East Side campus in New York City, as well as in beautifying the neighborhood.

The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Tower is a 14 storey tower which will span over the FDR Drive and will adjoin the current Main Hospital facility. The columns supporting the overbuild are Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS), and the project also includes a pedestrian bridge spanning over East 71st street.

Metropolitan Walters erected five columns and setting massive Y shaped columns. Each of the columns weighs between 18 and 30 tons. The work needed to be completed on night shift due to the need for lane closures to allow working directly above the FDR Drive parkway.

AECOM Tishman
AECOM Tishman
Hospital for Special Surgery
Structural engineer
Facts & Figures
  • AESS construction
  • Heavy built up plate columns with unique geometry
  • Complex structural system including trusses on the 2nd and 7th floor
Our Role

Walters role on this project is the supply and installation of structural steel and metal deck.

Overcoming Challenges

Metropolitan Walters will be using a barge crane to erect steel up to Level 3 due to very limited space on site and working over top an active roadway poses special challenges. Much of the Level 2 and 3 floor steel will be prebuilt off site into modules and then delivered to site via barge. Once Level 3 is erected, a tower crane will be installed on temporary grillage place on Level 2 to erect the balance of the tower. Material will be delivered to site via barge and staged on the barge during erection. Additionally, construction engineering will be required for temporary support during construction.

537 East 71st Street, New York, NY 10021
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