George Brown Limberlost Place
Toronto, ON

George Brown Limberlost Place

George Brown College is poised to transform Toronto’s skyline with the construction of a mass-timber building called Limberlost Place. The 10-storey structure will be the first mass-timber and low-carbon institutional building in Ontario.

Limberlost Place will also serve as an important research centre focused on mass-timber construction. The Mass Timber Research Hub will support the development of innovative new ideas and practices in sustainable building.

Often Mass timber buildings rely on hybrid structural systems that incorporate different building materials like steel and concrete. The combination of materials allows for a more efficient structure while still capturing the benefits offered by timber.  The building will have the look and feel of a wood structure, yet with a lower cost and more effective structural system.

Construction began in the summer of 2022.

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
George Brown College
Moriyama and Teshima
Structural engineer
Fast and Epp
Construction manager
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Our Role

Walters is providing design-assist on this project with PCL to supply and install the structural steel core and erection for this mass timber hybrid structure.

This is a premier project in the mass timber world, reaching ten stories with large open spans. We are working closely with PCL and Nordic Structures to coordinate the steel with the timber structure to build this very unique and challenging project.

185 Queens Quay East, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1B6
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