Louis Vuitton Toronto Façade and Architectural Stairs
Toronto, ON

Louis Vuitton Toronto Façade and Architectural Stairs

A staircase that would make this retail outlet a destination and an exterior façade that would allow the store to stand out on a block of outstanding storefronts.

Louis Vuitton Paris / Atmosphere Design Group / DK Studio
Facts & Figures
  • The façade supports one of the largest sliding doors in the world
  • Rigid deadline had project completed just before 2012 Toronto International Film Festival
  • Used Design Assist to resolve stair and vestibule construction in order to maintain accelerated schedule
  • Special materials included massive pieces of storefront glazing
Our Role

Feature Walters provided design and key elements (for staircases), including  plate-fabricated mirror-polished steel, elliptical wooden handrail with leather wrap, mirror-polished bolts to secure glass panels and steel stringers. The staircase was installed by Walters Field Services and the structural steel behind the façade was installed by Walters Inc.

Overcoming Challenges

The Toronto storefront and staircase were tied to an immovable deadline; the opening of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. We used Design Assist to resolve the stair and vestibule construction, which was critical in maintaining the accelerated schedule. Had we been working with an external fabricator, the project almost certainly would not have been ready in time but because we had the skills in-house, we were able to fast-track the project to meet the deadline.


Structural Engineers
The façade required an oversized curtain-wall system and custom extrusions to handle the forces of unconventionally large glass panels.

To our knowledge, this façade supports the largest sliding door in the world. It was a challenge to find components that could support the height and weight of the sliding glass panels. These sensor-activated doors retract a distance of 14 feet, a feat made more challenging by the absence of a transom. The design also incorporates concealed maintenance access panels and backlit signage.

111 Bloor St W Toronto, ON M5S 1P7
A Feature Walters Project