Manhattan Corporate Headquarters
New York, NY

Manhattan Corporate Headquarters

Working with other partners, we created a signature nine-flight cantilevered staircase curving uniformly through four different floor-to-ceiling distances for this commercial building.

Construction manager
Facts & Figures
  • The staircase was assembled on site from seven segments per flight
  • Segments were bolted rather than spliced to avoid the distortion of field welds
  • The finished staircase required 3,564 bolts
Our Role

Feature Walters worked on the design and fabrication, while Metropolitan Walters did the installation. Feature Walters worked with other, non Walters Group contractors on this project. We supplied the fabricated steel structure and coordinated tradespeople through the use of 3D modeling which ensured that all contributors knew who needed to do what, where and when.


Structural Engineers
The stairs required a unique solution at the foot of each flight to counter the loads imposed by the stair attempting to rotate away from their lower connections. A steel plate, four feet long and three inches thick straddled a new beam bracing back into the base building structure.

Manhattan, New York, NY
A Feature Walters Project