Manhattan West: Southeast Tower (Two Manhattan West)
New York, NY

Manhattan West: Southeast Tower (Two Manhattan West)

Manhattan West, created by Brookfield Properties, is a thriving community made up of custom designed office spaces, retail, pop-up experiences, abundant green space, homes and a boutique hotel.

Two Manhattan West is a 63-storey office tower that can accommodate multiple lobbies, 50,000 SF podium floor plates, a black car drop-off and robust infrastructure. This is the second tower in the Manhattan West development that Brookfield contracted Walters; the Northeast Tower (One Manhattan West) being the first tower.

As with the previous tower, Walters Group deployed the Self Climbing Cocoon for this project. This 700 ft unit attached to the perimeter providing a safe enclosure for our site teams and the public below. As erection progressed, the cocoon effortlessly climbed up the perimeter. This effortless motion required much effort behind the scenes to ensure that all loads imposed were resolved through the complex network of steel.

Brookfield Properties
Corey Estructuras
Structural engineer
Construction manager
AECOM Tishman
Facts & Figures
  • 63-storey skyscraper with a gradually sloping northern face stands at 902ft tall
  • Although shorter than One Manhattan West by 93ft, Two Manhattan West is almost three times heavier (55,000 Tons) having a steel core, as opposed to a concrete core.
  • Constrained by the 13 train tracks below, the structural configuration was optimized to support over 1.5 Million Sq.Ft of office space.
Our Role

Walters Inc., Metropolitan Walters and our Project Partners, Corey Estructuras, were responsible for the supply and installation of all structural steel and metal deck for the project. Working closely with AECOM Tishman and Brookfield Properties, steel topped out in the Fall of 2021.

Overcoming Challenges

Two Manhattan West is major high-rise being constructed in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Space is a luxury so every activity needed to be coordinated to ensure smooth execution.