Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field
Regina, SK

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

Mosaic Stadium is the new home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The stadium includes very complex roof steel geometry with almost no 90 degree angles and extremely complex connection nodes.

PCL Construction
City of Regina
Structural engineer
Walter P. Moore
Facts & Figures
  • 3200 tons of steel
  • The facility has a standard capacity of 33,000 and be expandable to 40,000
Our Role

Supply, fabrication and installation of all structural steel. Walters also took on a design assist role to ensure the workability of the stadium’s complex geometry of structure.

Overcoming Challenges

The curvilinear shape of the cantilever roof required unusually high tolerances and intricate joint construction. These joints (or nodes) are where all forces convene on a central point. We created models to simulate stress tests, based on the exacting work of our team of experienced engineers, who created the calculations that inform the models.

The secondary steel layer that covers the primary roof structure had to be coordinated with a translucent fabric covering. We worked with the fabric contractor in painstaking detail over six months to ensure that their fabric design and our steel design came together harmoniously.

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field, Regina, SK, Canada
Award of Excellence
Design Council of Saskatchewan’s Design Week
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