Novartis Guard Booth
Morris Plains, NJ

Novartis Guard Booth

Set at the end of a winding driveway, in a wooded site, the guard booth is the first man-made structure that greets guests approaching the new headquarters.

Sordoni Construction Co.
Weiss Manfredi
Our Role

We provided design assist services to develop custom details and shop-fabricate a complete, fully weather-tight module.

The module included all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and fixtures. Our work included custom aluminium cladding with a baked automotive finish, custom curved glazing and custom curved metal doors.

Complete interior metal panels, gypsum wallboard, vinyl floors, millwork, pocket doors, server room and fully-wired workstations. All systems and fixtures arrived operational and UL-certified.

Overcoming Challenges

A customized, standalone modular construction presented the challenge of squeezing functionality and durability into a tiny package.

Delivery of a complete module from our shop to the site in New Jersey placed constraints on its overall height. With maximum load height, minimum parapet depth and minimum finished ceiling heights, we had very little room in the ceiling cavity to incorporate mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems as well as other infrastructure.

With the clarity and precision of a 3D HD-BIM model, we were able to develop an intricate and compact weave of systems, without sacrificing the form or function of the finished module.

A circular, CNC-router-cut curb embed, complete with riser locations and indexing connections allowed field trades to rough in supply and waste lines, as well as electrical and data lines without risk of misalignment.

We used a single High Definition Building Information Model to coordinate multiple systems and components in very cramped and congested conditions. By solving everything in the model, our shop trades could assemble the module from a kit of parts, with no cut-to-fit or conflicting conditions.

220, East Hanover Avenue 07950 Morris Plains, NJ
A Feature Walters Project
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