One 57
New York, NY

One 57

This project involved creating undulating canopies extending organically from the glass curtain wall at one of Manhattan’s tallest residential buildings. 

Bovis Lendlease
Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
Facts & Figures
  • Canopies stand at the entrance of one of Manhattan’s tallest residential buildings
  • A 15-foot backspan extending into the building anchors the structures
  • Each of the eight canopies were fabricated as a standalone object
Our Role

Design and fabrication were done by Feature Walters, with installation conducted by Metropolitan Walters.

Overcoming Challenges

These AESS steel canopies were designed to be a horizontal extension of the undulating curtainwall of this iconic Manhattan high-rise. The constantly curving geometry of the curtainwall transitions into our scope of steel structure, stainless cladding and glass soffits.

An intricate system of custom stainless steel grills, troughs and drains channels the water from the top of the canopy – constantly re-routing itself through various canopy bays to maintain slope and avoid interferences within the rising and falling confines of the interior. Throw in some heat trace, LED lighting, radiant heaters, custom removable grills, glass soffits, custom SS glass hardware and the value of our HD-BIM modeling practices quickly becomes evident. Cut files and indexing connections for the +5,000 unique parts in canopies were CNC processed and fully fit in context in our shop.

The need to keep the back face of the glass soffits clean and dry was paramount; any debris or pooling water would be silhouetted by the blanket of LED lights floating 3” off the back face of the glass. Multiple waterproofing details were developed between the various materials and systems to ensure this lighting cavity remained sealed.


Structural Engineers
Typically, a canopy of this size would require cables or rods to anchor the structures to the side of the building. Instead, we created a 15-foot backspan that extends into the building, which allows for an unsupported cantilever. These backspans are not hidden and instead are backlit and polished, providing a symmetry to the interior and exterior visual aesthetic.

157 W 57th St, New York City, NY 10019, United States
Project News
A Feature Walters Project