Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
Frisco, Texas

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Located in the city of Dallas, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children treats many of the world’s most complex orthopedic cases. Similarly, they also treat many related arthritic, neurological and learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Feature Walters produced the Lobby Staircase at Scottish Rite Hospital.

Basden Steel Corporation
The Beck Group
Structural engineer
Facts & Figures
  • Entire stair’s 720 degree of rotation is completely cantilevered
  • 12 metric ton steel structure
  • Feature Walters’ first job in Texas
Our Role

Feature Walter’s role involved Design Assist to develop a 12 metric ton steel structure for an unsupported 720-degree spiral stair, as well as compact, concealed splice details allowing the stair to ship as pre-fabricated modules. Shortly after being awarded the steel, FEWA was asked to also engineer, detail and supply the glass treads and glass guards.

Overcoming Challenges

The complexity of the stairs was unique in this scope as the entire stair’s 720-degree rotation was completely cantilevered from a concealed backspan structure at the Level 2 slab. Our FEWA plant fabricated the six segments that make up this two-storey high curved stair and also performed a trial fit as each segment became complete.

Frisco, Texas
Inaugural US Glass Design Awards
Winner – Commercial Interior
A Feature Walters Project
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