Third Crossing Bridge
Kingston, ON

Third Crossing Bridge

The City of Kingston is building a Third Crossing bridge across the Cataraqui River from the foot of Gore Road in the city’s east-end to the foot of John Counter Boulevard in its north end. The bridge is the largest infrastructure project the City has ever undertaken. The new 1.2 kilometre, two-lane bridge will improve emergency services, increase active transportation through a multi-use pedestrian and bike pathway, create greater business connectivity and enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Kingston.

The Third Crossing Bridge features two distinctive under arch delta frames that surrounds the navigation channel, the gateway to the Cataraqui River leading to the Rideau Canal.

City of Kingston
City of Kingston/Government of Ontario/Government of Canada
Parsons, DTAH, J.L.Richards, Golder Associates
Structural engineer
Hatch, Systra, Bergmann
Construction manager
Kiewit Corporation
Facts & Figures
  • Walters has been brought in as a partner to develop the bridge as part of the team
  • The steel portion will have a feature delta under arch
  • Erection will be over water


Our Role

Walters Group is engaged as the Structural Steel Trade Partner on the first ever IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) contract on a bridge in Canada.

IPD contracting puts traditional contract delivery aside in pursuit of creating a project team that recognizes reward with group execution. It’s “our project”, not “their project”. Walters’ role will be all encompassing, providing consultation/estimating services through the Validation Phase (IPD Process), continuing through to design-assist engineering, fabrication, and delivery.

Being an IPD Type Contract there remains room for flexibility in design in order to meet project budgets. Key IPD Contract Elements include: early involvement of key participants, shared risk and rewards based on project outcome, joint project control, reduced liability and exposure, jointly developed and validated targets.

Overcoming Challenges

Being an IPD Type Contract there remains room for flexibility in design in order to meet project budgets. The project also includes massive heavy pieces, superload shipping, and erection of a trestle over water.

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