Hamilton, ON
Walters Group Head Office

Walters Group’s Head Office, located in Hamilton, Ontario, is our company’s new headquarters. Since May 2018, our goal of creating a space to bring everyone together under one roof in an inspiring and collaborative space has become a reality. With over 40,000 square feet, we are proud of that our unique office space that reflects the work we do. With a multitude of features, including custom-made workstations, a feature staircase created in-house, and meeting rooms with the latest technology features, this office will be a great space for us to work in for years to come.

Our Role

Walters employees designed, fabricated and erected the 160 tons structural steel required for this building. Our Walters Field Services team helped to coordinate the erection of the building, once it commenced in the summer of 2016.

Facts & Figures

  • 160 Tons
  • Heaviest piece of steel in the building is 1.2 Tons
  • Rugged exterior look was accomplished by using a combination of steel core ten panels, metal cladding, concrete, and painted steel as a throwback to our industrial roots
  • In-house designed feature staircase incorporating mixed materials
  • Custom designed bracing cross-over plates featuring the Walters Group logo
  • Composite TotalJoist Flooring with polished concrete floors and roof system by iSPAN Systems
  • Office was completed in May 2018

Overcoming Challenges

Building and expanding our own facilities while servicing our clients’ projects was a bit of a juggling act. However, with the dedication of our staff and the team members who worked on this building, we were able to find a way to progress on this building with no impact to our external projects and commitments.


1318 Rymal Road East, Hamilton, ON