West Block Rehabilitation Project
Ottawa, ON

As part of the West Block Rehabilitation, Walters worked with partners to create a roof over a previously open courtyard to create a new, naturally lit interior space which will serve as the temporary House of Commons while the center block is updated.

Government of Canada
ARCOP/FGM Architects in joint venture
Structural engineer
Ojdrovic Engineering Inc.
Facts & Figures
  • 1,100 tons of AESS and encased steel
Our Role

Supplying, fabricating, and installing steel “trees” and “branches” to support glass and steel “pillow-top” roof.

Overcoming Challenges

Tapered architecturally exposed steel branches needed to be held together with hidden bolted connections. The shapes, which are both geometric and organic, created challenging tolerance issues that needed to be resolved before installation began.

Using 3D software, we were able to identify and resolve potential interferences – places where glass fittings, mechanical elements or other features conflicted with one another.

Our modeling also revealed paths where conduits could run up through the trunks and branches, creating additional function beyond structural strength.

West Block, Ottawa, ON
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