Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

AESS is all about the "three Fs” – form, fit and finish.

We have been involved in a large number of award-winning projects that feature Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS). AESS offers high structural standards combined with the capacity to create beautiful designs, details and finishes. In skilled hands, it is the ideal material for exposed features such as trusses, canopies, unique support systems, storefront facades and much more.

AESS is all about “the three Fs” – form, fit and finish. At Walters, our use of AESS is guided by our understanding of the architect’s vision – before we cut, weld, grind or polish, our first job is to communicate and collaborate. Our understanding of how the public will interact with the finished product drives the selection of materials, the location and style of joints, the level of finish. This part of the process is every bit as important as the steelwork itself in ensuring successful execution.

Only when we have the proper starting point, can we ensure the final product is perfect. Our staff works with the project design team to understand the vision and to define a level of form, fit, and finish that suits project requirements and budgets. We define the desired result, and then maintain exacting geometric control throughout fabrication and installation. Our use of precisely prepared sub-components and carefully developed shop practices lets us achieve exceptional outcomes.