Specialized Services

In addition to creating top-quality superstructures, Walters Group also has the capacity to add the finishing touches that truly make a construction one of a kind. Through Feature Walters, we provide sculptures, stairs, facades, art installations and other unique features that combine structural elements with attention-getting beauty.

Our team includes not only engineers and welders, but also classical sculptors and designers. We also have former-consulting engineers on staff who allow us to better understand the needs of architects and engineers in building projects. Our technology includes not only 3D modeling software, but also the latest in robotics and high-tech painting facilities. All of these tools and people are augmented by a culture of detail-oriented determination – If an architect can imagine it, we’ve got the skills and the drive to find a way to build it.

Often, decorative art pieces require diverse materials in order to accommodate specific aesthetic and engineering demands. In addition, many features are installed within existing superstructures, which often requires modular fabrication and extensive advanced planning to accommodate rapid, precise and safe assembly on-site. On our own, or with trusted partners, Walters works with wood, aluminum, concrete or any of a wealth of other materials in order to get the job done. We also plan, fabricate, disassemble and reassemble projects in order to accommodate the space in which each project will live.

Many of our specialized services projects – from canopies to columns – have been the elements that garner media attention, and turn a building into a landmark.