Sharing a community’s excitement for the Third Crossing Bridge

We’ve been very pleased to see the community coming together to cheer on the construction of the Third Crossing Bridge for the City of Kingston.

Crossing the Cataraqui River from the foot of Gore Road in the city’s east-end to the foot of John Counter Boulevard in its north end, the bridge is the largest infrastructure project the City has ever undertaken. Walters role on the project includes fabrication of massive heavy pieces, superload shipping and erection over water.

A Facebook page ‘Kingston’s 3rd Crossing Group’ is documenting the progress on the construction and invites residents to post updates, ask questions and communicate facts about this incredible project.

“As this historic project is being documented we want to share photos with you in as many ways as possible. Through residents taking photos of the bridge, to drone footage capturing aerial photos of the bridge and through the eyes of workers onsite taking photos,” says the City of Kingston’s website dedicated to the building of the bridge.


Mike Hill, Aerosnapper ( is a lifelong aviation and photography fan who has been following the construction of the Third Crossing Bridge. He uses drones, still cameras and video to capture and chronicle the erection progress on the bridge.

“One thing that’s really stood out in all my conversations with folks involved in this project is how much they value and appreciate the positive work environment and the attention that is given to the maintenance of safety. It’s very apparent how strong the common commitment to safety is, no matter from which company you represent or which trade you follow. Many people have remarked that it’s the best site on which they’ve ever worked,” shared Hill.

Hill is producing some very detailed and in-depth videos relating to the construction and in particular, recently relating to the steel delivery and erection progress. Below are two of Aerosnapper’s videos about the steel delivery and construction. To view all of his bridge construction videos click HERE and select Kingston’s Third Crossing playlist.

April 28th

March 28th

To view the Third Crossing Bridge project please click HERE.

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