Stay-In-Place Steel Formwork

At 24 Mercer Street in Toronto, Walters Group is working on a “sliver loft building” rising up 17 storeys from a tiny footprint in a heavily built-up part of town. The site presented unique challenges for delivering and installing materials, to limit costs and minimize congestion, allowing on-site tradespeople to get their work done quickly and efficiently.

Unique challenges require unique solutions.

That’s why Scott Morris Architects recently procured from iSPAN, a “stay-in-place” concrete forming system for the job. The system allows wall sections to be substantially assembled off site. The large steel sections can then be lifted into place, ready for concrete to be poured.

This erection system allows follow-up trades to mobilize tightly behind the erection of floors without materials plugging up the limited workspace. Work gets completed faster and more cost effectively.

Scott Morris Architects Inc. has been working with iSPAN Systems to construct the 17-storey structure on this tight urban site. Their joint assessment demonstrated major cost and time savings when deploying Stay-In-Place forming rather than traditional fly forming. Using the new system, it will only take 19 weeks to construct the entire above-grade structure. iSPAN will pre-fit conduits and other follow-up-trade components in the walls, creating even greater efficiency.

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