The Total Joys of TotalJoist

October 5, 2016
Total Joist by iSPAN

Imagine a beam just 8 inches thick, and 24 feet long. Would you expect it to bend, bounce, or even break? Many materials fabricated into those proportions might do just that. But at a recently completed condominium project in Toronto, we once again proved that our innovative “TotalJoist system” makes for solid floors that feel great to walk on.

TotalJoists’ unique design provides longer spans, better fire resistance, and simpler framing solutions than standard wood or steel joists. Joists come pre-cut to length with
pre-punched serviced holes and with unique, adjustable end connectors that allow for tolerance in the field. Walters Group partner iSPAN began TotalJoist delivery for the Hunt Club Condominiums in late March 2016. The last delivery arrived in June. The site was very small, with very little room for the crane and for storage, which made it all the more important that we were working with such flexible, accommodating materials.

The finished building includes cantilevered balconies, incorporated into the TotalJoist foor system, which provide stunning views of the Hunt Club Golf Course and Lake Ontario.

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