Touring the Bay-Adelaide Centre

On April 28th, Walters hosted a group of sixteen students from the Construction and Project Management program at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland. Each student had the opportunity to tour the current progress at the Bay-Adelaide Centre. This much anticipated building is one of the few steel-framed high-rises in Toronto, and Walters involvement in this project is a continuation from Phase I.

The tour started at the base of the building where the students learned more about Walters role in the project. The remainder of the two-hour tour involved focusing on the site’s logistics and the challenges of working within a tight footprint. Aaron Cyr, Site Superintendent, and Wally Verhey, Vice President Field Services, hosted and conducted the tour.

An interesting element that was shared and seen in action during the site tour were the portable offices and lunch rooms that Walters employees use throughout the day. With the unique design of having the unit securely fastened to the building, workers are able to comfortably and safely take breaks, conduct meetings and have their lunch without any of the swaying movements that are expected at such heights. Each unit can be scaled up or down the building as needed. The units also provide a safe work environment and allow for efficiency on the job with less time spent transitioning from ground to working levels. They are the first of their kind to be made and used Canada-wide.

Below are some the highlights the students experienced during the Bay-Adelaide tour:

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