Two Headframes for Morton Salt

Walters Inc. was recently awarded the fabrication and installation of not one, but two, headframes for K+S Morton Salt Inc.

Our first award is a design-build headframe where we are working with Hatch as our partner. This headframe is in Ohio, USA and is scheduled to be erected the spring of 2021.

Our second headframe is a fast-track project. Our projects department, engineering department and fabrication facilities will meet the challenge head-on, with erection to start this fall. It is exciting to note that we are heading all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana, USA to erect the second headframe.

A history of mining headframes

Walters has a long history of fabricating and erecting mining headframes. And they kept getting bigger and bigger!

In 2006, Walters provided connection design, detailing, fabrication, and delivery of the world’s largest mining headframe at the Mosaic Potash mine in Esterhazy. This mine shaft head frame stands 304′ above grade and includes girder fabrications weighing 95 tons, 125′ in length. It was not to be the largest for long…

In 2009, The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS) Allan Mine undertook an ambitious expansion, designing a specialized headframe that could be built over top of the existing headframe with concurrent operations. At the time of construction, this headframe was the tallest in the world, later to be surpassed by the BHP Jansen Mine Service Shaft headframe…

In 2012, Walters executed the supply and installation of the structural steel for the service shaft A-Frame and support buildings at the BHP Jansen Potash Mine in Saskatchewan. This headframe increased the mine to an ultimate capacity of eight-million tonnes a year, making it the world’s largest potash mine.

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Morton Salt Headframe

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