Walters Donation to University of Waterloo Strengthens Research Capabilities

A recent celebration held at the University of Waterloo recognized Walters Group for contributing materials, fabrication, and design calculations for the new actuator and frame in the civil and environmental engineering structures lab. This new portal frame supports the actuator acquired through a Canada Foundation for Innovation grant, and is helping faculty and students conduct research on civil infrastructure rehabilitation.

”It is now the biggest frame in our lab and we expect that it will have a significant impact on our research capabilities for many years to come,” stated Scott Walbridge, the CEE Structures Lab faculty coordinator. “With this equipment, we will be able to bring close to full-scale structural components such as steel, concrete bridge girders, or building column specimens into the structures lab and test them until failure.”

Walters is a big advocate of helping and partnering with high schools, colleges, and universities in the areas of expertise that we specialize in, and we were more than delighted to donate fabrication services to University of Waterloo’s Engineering department.

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