Walters Group and Rebar Enterprises Team Up as Innovators in Structural Design

June 27, 2022
Walters Inc.

Working together on The One, Walters Group and Rebar Enterprises developed hybrid concrete columns that are composed of modular prefabricated rebar wrapped around a core of structural steel. This unique patented solution was partially a response to the incredibly compact site in a busy urban setting, which presented challenges for both the constructability of the structure and the project’s budget and timeline using traditional construction methods. Their hybrid columns shaved roughly six to nine months off the project schedule, drastically reduced labour costs associated with the laying of rebar and managed to save millions of dollars for the client.

Click HERE to read the full article in Urban Toronto.

Walters holds patents in Canada and the US for a prefabricated rebar assembly module.
Rebar holds patents for a modular prefabricated rebar.

prefabricated rebar assembly module

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