Walters Group partners with VECTORMINIMA to revolutionize the volumetric modular business

October 26, 2020
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Walters Group excited to announce that we have signed on as the exclusive Canadian manufacturer of the VECTORMINIMA METALOQ modular kit frame to become a key partner in supporting the volumetric modular industry.

METALOQ is the first invention of VECTORMINIMA. METALOQ is a patent pending, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) module framing system. The pre-engineered “frame kit” components are produced by a steel fabricator and shipped on pallets to modular builders. METALOQ frames are simple to assemble, without the need for specialized trades, achieving the precise tolerances required for stackable 4-10+ storey non-combustible buildings.

The invention is supported by our precision steel production processes, supply chain expertise and tight design for manufacturing approach. The flooring joists for the kit frames are provided by iSPAN Systems who have had significant success in the prefabricated wall and floor sector.

We’ve created a six unit prototype using the METALOQ system that is proudly sitting in front of our head office in Hamilton. It is causing quite a buzz with lots of interested parties reaching out for tours.


Peter Kranendonk, CEO of Walters Group says “This is a significant step in providing clients a superior solution for a volumetric modular framing solution, and we are excited to be offering the industry’s best solution as a great fit for our complete offering of services.”

Blair Davies, COO of VECTORMINIMA says “Walters is a perfect partner for manufacturing the METALOQ kit frame. We call the system Simply Precise, and Walters has the culture, processes and relationships in the supply chain to scale production of METALOQ in this growing market. Lastly, VECTORMINIMA technology enables successful modular building.”


Volumetric modular building is a process in which a modular builder buys a kit frame, and then fits it out to make a subassembly of a building, like a room of a hotel, apartment, social housing, or senior housing. These modules are shipped to site, stacked and then completed into a building. The process allows for the build of a more consistent building, in a predictable fashion much faster, and at times for less expense.

Modular building can be a key ingredient in solving the housing crisis, for all uses: affordable multi-residential, social, senior or student housing. It is also a commercially viable solution for hospitality, education, and infrastructure (ie. data centres.)


VECTORMINIMA is backed by solid, well-researched building technology and experienced manufacturing partners to support you in navigating the volumetric modular engineering, sales and construction process.

  • VECTORMINIMA brings together a unique combination of two leaders in the building industry. Julian Bowron with 30 years in modular, design for manufacturing, material knowledge and proven inventions. Blair Davies with 30 years growing engineering-based businesses, with a background in strategy, marketing, business and engineering.
  • VECTORMINIMA invents to meet the current needs and lead with new solutions by inventing the best IP based on credible experience, with the right partners.

Reach VECTORMINIMA at or (647)923-8967.

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