Walters lends a hand in Haiti

March 18, 2016
Community Involvement

Our relationship with Empower Global was key in enabling Walters Group to send a team of three employees to Haiti to lend a hand on a very important project.

Empower Global is a company that helps poor countries create sustainable livelihoods. Their goal is to move Haitians from “Aid” to “Enterprise” by creating opportunities for hands-on training and mentoring.

Over the course of their seven day visit, our team worked alongside eight local workers to assist with two steel container conversions. Once completed, the fully developed complex will house additional classroom space, office space and a much needed health care facility.

This is our second experience with sending a team to Haiti. In 2014, two of our employees travelled to Haiti to share their knowledge, skills and experience by helping to build a training facility for trades.

We feel privileged to be able to take part in projects like these that allow us to not only share our skills and knowledge, but build lasting friendships in other parts of the World.

To find out more about Empower Global, visit

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