Building with Steel

Every Walters client is different.

Some are very concerned about minimizing construction costs, and keeping timelines tight. Others are looking for building materials that allow them to be innovative, creative and versatile. Some are interested in minimizing maintenance costs, while others simply want to create an unusual, beautiful architectural feature. Still others place a premium on a safe worksite, or on minimizing the environmental impact of construction.

For any and all of these reasons, our clients very often choose to work with steel.

While Walters offers end-to-end solutions involving many materials, steel remains integral to our work. We know how to work with steel better than anyone, and we also know the advantages it brings to construction. No other material can match its combination of versatility, endurance, and economy. After more than fifty years in the business, we still find that steel is very often the most effective material for realizing our clients’ visions.

Steel plays a large role in our work.

Steel is safe

We can pre-fabricate off-site, in safe, controlled environments.

And because we model, plan and fabricate so precisely, we minimize time and money spent constructing on-site. Not only does provide better value for dollar, but it also reduces the chances of accidents and other mishaps in busy, congested construction sites.

Steel is green

Steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its structural qualities. And yet it lasts – steel requires a minimum of maintenance and repair. What’s more, steel is light (relative to other building materials), which allows it to place fewer demands on foundations and other complementary structural elements.

Steel is beautiful

Most structural steel is hidden behind walls and facades, but Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) is another matter – sculpted, polished, and finished, steel can provide a beautiful combination of form and function. From canopies to columns and from atriums to art, Walters Group has used AESS time and time again to lend beauty and distinctiveness to our projects.

Steel is surprising

Sometimes, steel still surprises even us – demonstrating new capacity and innovative applications. For instance, our Total Joist and Total Framing technologies offer steel alternatives to other materials that are stronger, simpler and faster to create and install. Our groundbreaking Sandwich Plate Steel solutions are stronger and faster to install than traditional concrete.