We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment.

We are naturally proud of our success – our accomplishments stand out against skylines and in buildings across North America. One of our greatest sources of pride, though, is invisible to a visitor to one of our projects: it’s our commitment to providing our workers with a safe, healthy environment.

However polished and beautiful the final product might be, manufacturing steel and related activities are punishing jobs. As a family-run business, we feel a strong responsibility to ensure the people doing those jobs come to work every day knowing everything has been done to meet the highest possible safety standards. And we know that those same safety standards can help us attract the most talented, dedicated workforce in the sector.


  • We have been pleased to be the recipient of the CSAO first place award for best safety record in the largest category (100,000+ manhours) for the past four (4) years.
  • At the beginning of every project, we commence “safety engineering”, incorporating special safe-work features into the rigging and connection design.
  • We not only provide hands-on safety training, but have also created fully detailed Safety Manuals for both the plant and our field crews.
  • We have a fully engineered and tested Fall Arrest System that meets and exceeds all Ministry of Labour guidelines.
  • We conduct regular safety training and inspections in our plants and onjob sites provide and reward compliance and strong safety records with incentives and rewards.