Dofasco Inc. – No. 2 Blast Furnace Rebuild
Hamilton, ON

Dofasco Inc. - No. 2 Blast Furnace Rebuild

We were proud to do a home-town job at this Hamilton facility, completely rebuilding the infrastructure around one blast furnace, while a second blast furnace continued operations right beside us.

Dofasco Inc.
Structural engineer
JNE Consulting Ltd.
Facts & Figures
  • Completed July 2005
  • Heavy lifts required the use of large crawler cranes frequently used in tandem
  • Detailed workplan needed due to an extremely congested vertical work site, as each trade was working above and below one another
Our Role

We began by surveying the existing steel infrastructure and then doing extensive modeling and visualization. The client wanted the furnace operational (and therefore generating revenue) as quickly as possible. Our designing and planning allowed us to complete the rebuild in under a year.

Overcoming Challenges

Construction sites can be busy and chaotic at the best of times, but carrying out such a major infrastructure project within the confines of an operational steel plant created many additional logistical and safety challenges. As always, our solution involved investing in extensive planning, modeling and visualizing before we began construction, which ensured a fast, safe, and worry-free construction.

425 Parkdale N, Hamilton, ON L8H 5Y4
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