Our Team

Walters Group is led by a diverse team of individuals that each bring unique talents and strengths. Together, we are always focused on providing an experience where everyone involved – clients, employees, suppliers and partners – feel the happiness of building with Walters.

Walters Leadership Group

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Walter Koppelaar
Peter Kranendonk
Walt Koppelaar
Executive Vice President, Sales & US Operations
Edward Lacroix
Vice President, Projects
Mark Koppelaar
Executive Vice President, Projects & Production
Wally Verhey
Vice President Field Services
Tim Verhey
Executive Vice President, Engineering & Operations
Sid Dickerson
President, Steel Construction Group
Robert K. Maier
President of SPS North America
David Pisacrita
CEO of Metropolitan Walters LLC.
Nazim Merali
Vice President - Procurement

Walters Management Group

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Dwayne Van Harberden
Vice President & General Manager, iSPAN Systems
Lynne Berkin
Director, Finance
Aaron Bean
General Manager, Feature Walters
Greg Kern
Director of Sales
Dwayne Schaus
Director of Sales, iSPAN Systems
Jeff Tyers
Director Industrial
Bill Munns
Regional Sales / Project Director
Sam Barrett
Director, Pre-Construction
Marty Verhey
Director, Strategic Relationships
Albert Marskamp
Chief Engineer & Engineering Manager
Ryan Maguire
Detailing Manager