Our Team

Walters Group is led by a diverse team of individuals that each bring unique talents and strengths. Together, we are always focused on providing an experience where everyone involved – clients, employees, suppliers and partners – feel the happiness of building with Walters.

Walters Leadership Group

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Walter Koppelaar
Peter Kranendonk
Mark Koppelaar
Executive Vice President, Projects & Production
Walt Koppelaar
Executive Vice President, Sales & US Operations
Tim Verhey
Executive Vice President, Engineering & Operations
Edward Lacroix
Vice President, Projects
Wally Verhey
Vice President Field Services
Sid Dickerson
President, Steel Construction Group
Robert K. Maier
President of SPS North America
Nazim Merali
Vice President - Procurement
David Pisacrita
CEO of Metropolitan Walters LLC.
Natalia Strelbytsky
Vice President, People & Culture
Claudio Calogero
Vice President, Finance

Walters Management Group

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Sam Barrett
Director, Pre-Construction
Aaron Bean
General Manager, Feature Walters
Lynne Berkin
Director, Finance
Greg Kern
Director of Sales
Bill Munns
Regional Sales / Project Director
Ryan Maguire
Detailing Manager
Albert Marskamp
Chief Engineer & Engineering Manager
Dwayne Schaus
Director of Sales, iSPAN Systems
Jeff Tyers
Director Industrial
Dwayne Van Harberden
Vice President & General Manager, iSPAN Systems