Canadian War Museum
Ottawa, ON

Canadian War Museum

With its spectacular location beside the Ottawa River and its stunning architectural design, the Canadian War Museum is a military history museum of international stature. A remarkable tribute to the nation’s finest men and women who sacrificed for our freedom is presented in this museum – a brave and symbolic expression in architecture.

Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Structural engineer
Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Ltd.
Facts & Figures
  • Steel tonnage: 600 tons
Our Role

Design Assist, connection design, detailing, fabrication and installation of 570 tons of highly complex Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel.

Overcoming Challenges

The ‘regenerative’ concept is accommodated through the exposed finish elements of uniquely shaped steel.

Structural Engineers
The Regeneration Hall framing – providing an open view with a very tall, narrow, and long tower without transverse structural elements to tie things together – presented a challenge to build and assemble with stability.

The exhibit hall features large 3D cantilevering, edge trusses accommodating MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) components.

Canadian War Museum 1 Vimy Place Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0M8
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