Concord Adex Skybridge
Toronto, ON

Concord Adex Skybridge

At 30 storeys up in the air, the Skybridge is 23 feet tall and stretches 130 feet in length, the same length as a Boeing 737 commercial jet. The bridge links 38 and 43 storey residential towers. As one of the highest skybridge residences in the world, it is part of a four-tower condo complex at Concord Adex’s CityPlace on Toronto’s former rail lands near the downtown waterfront. The bridge’s upper floor is occupied by two residential suites and a lower level amenity space, the SkyLounge.

Skybridge: Building a Toronto Landmark

Here is a great video showing behind the scenes of the planning, building and erecting the Skybridge by Concord Artspace!

Facts & Figures
  • 500 ton glass & steel skybridge
  • Three storeys high – links towers at 28, 29 & 30 storeys
  • The lift had to be timed perfectly to take into account weather conditions and windspeeds. The lift took a total of 15 hours to complete
Our Role

The skybridge was pre-fabricated as a modular unit and hoisted into place fully assembled as a 400 ton load.

Overcoming Challenges

Lifting a pre-fabricated modular of this size and weight into place at such a height was a true engineering feat. The Skybridge was successfully lifted into final position June 2012. The lift was made possible with the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. To make it a success, we had to work though loose ends, last minute ironwork, and lots of coordination.

Concord CityPlace, Toronto, ON
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