The Bow Hi-Rise
Calgary, AB

The Bow Hi-Rise

The Bow is a truly iconic building and is inarguably one of the most complex high rises in North America, if not globally, from a structural framing point of view. It is unique in terms of shape, full height atrium spaces and exposed structural framing for all 58 floors. New and innovative fabrication and erection techniques were used to bring the project from an architectural vision to the stunning building that now completely defines and dominates the Calgary skyline.

Ledcor Construction Ltd. / Matthews Development (Alberta) Inc.
H&R Reit
Supreme Steel
Foster + Partners, London, England in collaboration with Zeidler Partnership Architects
Structural engineer
Halcrow Yolles
Construction manager
Ledcor Construction Limited
LEED Certification
Facts & Figures
  • Calgary’s tallest building and first steel skyscraper
  • Unique in its application of a triangular steel diagrid system on a curved building which provides superior structural efficiency, significantly reduces the amount of steel required and increases interior office space
  • 45,000 tonnes of complex structural steel featuring components weighing up to 80 tonnes
  • Series of three multi-storey sky gardens
  • Built to LEED standards
  • Feature Walters pre-fabricated 112 fully finished washroom modules in Ontario which were shipped to Alberta and lifted into their exact positions for installation (see related project profile for “The Bow Modular Washrooms”)
  • Topped off without a lost time incident
  • Erected whole atrium within 15 mm of theoretical
Our Role

An east-west joint venture between Walters Group of Ontario and Supreme Steel of Alberta for the supply of Design Assist, connection/construction engineering, detailing, fabrication and erection of the structural steel including cranes for this curved diagrid building which now serves as the Encana Headquarters.

140 6 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, Canada
CISC Alberta Design Award
Winner. Steel Fabricator & Detailer
Ontario Design Awards
Projects Constructed Outside of Ontario
National CISC Steel Design Award
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