VivaNext Canopy and Shelter Project
York Region, ON

VivaNext Canopy and Shelter Project

Ferguson Neudorf GlassTransit riders deserve not only an efficient commute but also a safe and pleasant one. The 20 VivaNext shelters, built for the rapidly expanding York Region of Ontario, provide high-speed transit users with an airy, welcoming waiting area. The soft, gravity-defying curves of the canopies counter the steely strength and durability of the materials from which they are constructed.

Ferguson Neudorf Glass
York Region
Facts & Figures
  • 20 shelter canopies installed in Toronto’s York Region
  • Canopies spread along Highway 7, with 12 west and 10 east of Highway 404
  • Each is nine metres in length, made out of three segments of AESS
  • Paint quality: Automotive grade external paint which minimizes maintenance costs.
Our Role

Walters Group employed two major pieces of technology to make shelters that would last and demand minimum maintenance.

The canopies began as three separate nine-meter pieces that had to be joined so harmoniously that their parts would invisibly meld into a unified whole. To accomplish this feat, Walters Group used a cutting-edge welding robot that could make the joins precise, strong and imperceptible to commuters.

In addition, the canopies were treated with an automotive-quality paint that came with a 25-year warranty. To ensure the look and durability of that protective coating, specialized staff at Feature Walters used an air-tight, ventilated paint booth that could filter out dust and vapours that might otherwise introduce impurities.

This project exemplified Walters Group’s reliance on both highly skilled professionals and the right technology to achieve the desired result.

Overcoming Challenges

These shelters required highly customized designs due to the irregular curves and asymmetrical load-bearing. In addition, finding harmony within the integrated steel-and-glass construction required the specialized expertise of Feature Walters.

A Feature Walters Project